AI Artwork – Generators

There are many AI artwork generators out there. The methods vary, but I find those “text to image” quite fun. Check the methods and a selection of tools presented by Nightcafe, create one yourself.

Dall E, for Generating Photorealistic Images, Hotspot generator, Nightcafe are some that either generate or promote other algorithms. See some examples below.

“Houses of doom”

houses of doom

“Childrens garden”

childrens garden

“A castle where dogs can play”

a castle where dogs can play

Cloud Pain Points

A brief but nice summary of pain points we have all experienced?

  • Insufficient staff skills
  • Data loss/leakage
  • API vulnerabilities
  • Malware infections
  • Insufficient identity and access management controls
  • Lack of visibility into what data and workloads are within cloud applications
  • Inability to monitor data in transit to and from cloud applications
  • Cloud applications being provisioned outside of IT visibility (e.g., shadow IT)
  • Inability to prevent malicious insider theft or misuse of data
  • Advanced threats and attacks against the cloud application provider
  • Inability to assess the security of the cloud application provider’s operations
  • Vendors failing to alert customers of vulnerabilities
  • Inability to maintain regulatory compliance
  • Misconfigurations of cloud hardware and/or cloud software

By Threatpost

Managing Container Security

«The cloud-native ecosystem typically has the four C’s of cloud security: cloud, clusters, containers and code. Each layer builds on the next and insecurities at any layer can impact the layers that follow, such as applications deployed on insecure containers.» Csoonline sais.

Scan them with, e.g., Open-source options such as Anchore and Trivvy during or before deployment.

Wiki for Cloud Security

NotSoSecure have made this wiki for cloud security, with tools and methods for how to research and develop knowledge in this topic. I find it quite useful when browsing various cloud security research blogs they refer to, tools and methods. E.g., for AWS a lot of defensive and offensive tools are listed such as ScoutSuite in which I have great experience with.