Custom Corolla

Personally I like cars 🚗 , not just to drive them wherever I want, but also because of how they make me feel, powerfull and flexible at the same time. Being a tech guy I have customised most of my cars, primarily from an entertainment perspective but also visually. As with one of my first cars, a Toyota Corolla 98 E11 hatchback, I was inspired by the legendary (in my opinion) Corolla WRC 97-99.

Before and after customising

I enjoy browsing car databases that simplify comparison, provide complete inventory and specifications are important when you are on the lookout for a new car or just want to review what new hot features are available.

I prefer these (in addition to traditional second hand markets):

A while ago I also postet my custom dipped Mini Cooper S, remeber?

The Ever Developing Tech Stack

Working with IT and system development security especially, the ever changing tech stack makes it hard to be up to date on what is trustworthy tools and not.

Stackshare is great in such a way they provide you with an overview of stacks and who is using what.

FireEye (Mandiant) Flare and Commando VMs

Started playing with the freely available VMs from FireEye. Seems like nice Windows based alternatives to Kali and Parrot OS for at least basic pentesting and forensics tools. Personally I like Kali for its sustainability in the market, frequent updates and tools arsenal. However Parrot has grown on me with its sleek design.

Anyways, it seems FireEye got a lot from acquiring Mandiant a while ago. The Redline toolkit is quite nice, so it will be interesting to see how these two plays out:

Commando VM is for penetration testing, see Github.

Flare VM is for malware analysis.