Tor’s problem; Traffic Correlation Attacks

onion-torIn the need for privacy (with bad or good intentions), people search for tools that can provide anonymous communication online. Tor is well known for that and have existed for a long time as a respected network of multiple layers of hops and encryption (“onion rings”). Just found this interesting article from Aaron M.┬áJohnson where they have exploited vulnerabilities in Tor network by using traffic correlation attacks. Continue reading “Tor’s problem; Traffic Correlation Attacks”

NSA of Things using Hardware Implants, Exploits, etc…

What to expect from a standard USB cable?


Probably not surprising, but check out this video from Chaos Communication Congress and the presentation “To Protect and Infect” by Jacob Applebaum to learn more about the speculations of NSAs hardware implants in USB cables, exploits, malware etc. for surveillance, namely: Somberknave, Totechaser, Iratemonk, Monkeycalendar (with references to Karsten Nohls work), Bulldozer, Iron Chef, Cottonmouth, Howlermonkey, CTX4000 (ragemaster RF-flooding) and more.

More about the actual documents presented you find here at Leaksource.

Limit public access to your Facebook profile

Facebook is changing and so is their Privacy Policy.

Some nice features exist limit access to your profile, photos etc. However, keep in mind that Cover Photos cannot be hidden, unless deleted. Access to Profile Picture can be limited, but the thumbnail will remain visible. Please see my old post on Social Media Permissions here:

Following are examples of how the features work.

View As:







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