NSA of Things using Hardware Implants, Exploits, etc…

What to expect from a standard USB cable?


Probably not surprising, but check out this video from Chaos Communication Congress and the presentation “To Protect and Infect” by Jacob Applebaum to learn more about the speculations of NSAs hardware implants in USB cables, exploits, malware etc. for surveillance, namely: Somberknave, Totechaser, Iratemonk, Monkeycalendar (with references to Karsten Nohls work), Bulldozer, Iron Chef, Cottonmouth, Howlermonkey, CTX4000 (ragemaster RF-flooding) and more.

More about the actual documents presented you find here at Leaksource.

Optout of Android Ads, xapush, airpush etc…

Have you got annoying ads in your status bar or shortcuts on the home screen? Where do they come from and how can I remove/optout/delete them?

In Jelly Bean, you can figure out exactly which app caused a notification. By long-pressing it on the notification bar you can select App Info. From here you can actually disable notifications on a per-app basis altogether. Continue reading “Optout of Android Ads, xapush, airpush etc…”

Check if you’re vulnerable to the Android “Master key” exploit

2013-08-06_13-42-28Bluebox Security has released an App to check if your Android device is still vulnerable to the “master key” exploit. There is a patch out from Google, but not all handset providers have implemented it in their distros yet…

Check out this article if you want to know more about this expoit.


And this article about it being patched by Google.


Control your Java

Recent Java vulnerabilities have made Security experts advice people to fully disable Java scripts, or use two browsers such as;
– one for less critical tasks with Java, and
– one for critical tasks (e.g., online banking) where Java is enabled only when needed

However, Google Chrome lets you disable, enable only exceptions where you what to run Java and Javascripts, or if you would like Java- “click and play”. Problem solved?:)

Alternatively use “click to play” as explained here: http://superuser.com/questions/201613/disable-java-plugin-in-google-chrome

Evaluate your site’s mobile-readiness

The mobiReady testing tool lets you easily test your mobile website for e.g.;

  • Readiness
  • Size
  • Time
  • Cost
  • Visualization
  • and other compliance tests
Check it out, and feel free to test the mobile site of my blog.
[snap url=http://ready.mobi/launch.jsp?locale=en_EN alt=”This snapshot has taken by Snap A Site”]

Playing with Anti

Just scanned X devices on my network using Android Network Toolkit (#ANTI3) by @zImperium Get it now: http://zimperium.com/anti.html

As you can see from the pictures, Anti is intuitive and simple to play with, and can as easily be used by security professionals as newbies. The screenshots was taking while using the open wireless network on flight from Oslo to Trondheim (flying Norwegian).

The app was used only to illustrate an example, where the sniffing was aimed at a friends smartphone (with his consent).

The sniffing screenshot is a good example of how easily adversaries can capture unencrypted traffic in open wireless networks.