Cybersecurity for Dummies, for free!

cyberIf you like to learn more about cyber security, cyber warfare, advanced persisten threats and more, this is actually worth reading. Dont expect expert insight, but it is a starting point for those who like to get involved with one of the most interesting challenges of todays digitalized society. And it’s provided by Palo Alto for free here!


Less than 1% of Android devices had a PHA installed in 2014

According to Google, by October 2014 less than 0,5% of Android devices had Potentially Harmful Application (PHA) installed. That number is excluding non-malicious Rooting apps, but that is no surprise.

And, more importantly, “fewer than 0.15% of devices that download only from Google Play had a PHA installed.”

One main reason was that Google made improvements in the Android platform security technology, e.g., using SELinux sandboxing and use of Verify Apps functionality.

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Cheap Virtual Reality (VR) of your adventures

wpid-dsc_0073.jpgJust bought a pair of coolboard from ebay. Its made out of papp and it is and feels cheap. However I found it quite cool. Not Just becase it lets you to have a VR rollercoaster experience, or can fly in google earth. You can also use it for your own 360* photospheres. Let’s say you want to show a few friends how awesome time you had skiing this weekend. Make sure to take the whole 360* photosphere using google camera for Android, use the Coolboard app from Google to show it, then put your handset into the coolboard and show them the real VR ski-trip experience!

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Fake base stations, surprised?

gsmmapFake base stations have been identified around government buildings in Oslo, Norway (according to Aftenposten). According to GSM Security Map, which compares the protection capabilities of mobile networks, Norway is ranked above with regards to the adaption of protection mechanisms to GSM networks. Does not seem “above” is enough to withstand fake base stations, unfortunately.

However, the use of fake base stations, even in Oslo, should not be a surprise. In November US marshalls were deploying fake cell towers on airplanes.


Rumors about an “extreme” Xperia Z4

The specs (or rumors) of the coming Sony Xperia Z4 looks more like modern PC, camera and entertainment system specs than just a smarphone:

Will it bend?

Photo on 27-09-14 at 10.41Since the sale of the new iPhone started, there has been a lot of noise on social media about bad build quality of the iPhone 6+. However, it is not only the iPhone 6 Plus that can bend that easily. Check out this video from Consumer Reports including bend gate test of HTC One M8, iPhone 6 (and Plus), LG and Samsung.

Windows 8 plug and play on Macbook Pro

Just got my hands on a “broken” Macbook Pro. It seemed to be a bug with the installed hard drive. So in order to verify this I inserted an old hard drive I had laying around. It turned out to have Windows 8 installed from the last time I was playing around with it on my old (7 years) FujitsuSiemens.

wpid-snapchat-20140805095348.jpgGuess what happened when I booted the Mac. The MS Windows logo appeared, telling me it was preparing components. And after two minutes, Windows was running smooth on this old Macbook Pro. That’s what I call plug’n’play