Playing with Anti

Just scanned X devices on my network using Android Network Toolkit (#ANTI3) by @zImperium Get it now:

As you can see from the pictures, Anti is intuitive and simple to play with, and can as easily be used by security professionals as newbies. The screenshots was taking while using the open wireless network on flight from Oslo to Trondheim (flying Norwegian).

The app was used only to illustrate an example, where the sniffing was aimed at a friends smartphone (with his consent).

The sniffing screenshot is a good example of how easily adversaries can capture unencrypted traffic in open wireless networks.


Google Apps ISO27001 certified

Will this certification help organizations understand that cloud services (in particular Google Apps) aren’t that risky to use anymore?

[snap url= alt=”This snapshot has taken by Snap A Site”]

Services Covered: GMail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, Google Docs (documents, spreadsheets, presentations), Google Sites, Control Panel (CPanel), Google Contacts, Google Video, Google Groups, Directory Sync, Provisioning API, SAML-Based SSO API, Reporting API, Audit API.

Hello, again!

Finally I have a running “blog” again! After about a year or so, I decided to use one (of a total of ~ten) beautiful summer days in Norway to reconfigure my domain servers and to re-establish a fresh copy the great WordPress blog!

Don’t expect it to be updated daily, or weekly for that matter, as I have a life besides this. That’s exactly why I wanted to do this, again; to share pictures, thoughts and links with you guys mistakenly accessing this site..

So, I hope to get down to business and start publishing some posts…

Thanks for visiting!